9 Fashion Trends to Follow Now

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Hottest looks this year include the following (occasionally odd) fashion statements.

  • Color! No, really. Pretty much any color. Whether you like jewel tones such as emerald green and sapphire blue, or you prefer lighter fare such as pale pinks and lavenders, you’ll be in style. Pastels and brighter colors are both hot right now. You cannot go wrong. Well, maybe don’t wear puce.
  • Plastic. Seriously. We were surprised, too. But this doesn’t mean your mother’s pair of jelly sandals, either. Plastic will be in knee-high boots, jeans, dresses, trench coats, and pretty much anything else that people can wear. The upside? Cleaning your clothes will be easier, and you’ll be more waterproof.
  • And since we mentioned trench coats, they’re in style again, too. This year will go beyond the classic trench and go for more playful cuts that might just include a feather or fun ruffle. They will also come in a variety of colors, well past the black and gray London Fogs of yesterday.
  • Denim. But not just any denim. Dark denim. The darker the better. You’ll see fashionistas rocking denim in shades of midnight blue and indigo. But you’ll also see denim dresses, jackets, bags, you name it. If you can imagine it in denim, it can be made.
  • Flowing clothes. Think peaceful streams and ambient music. Then think sheer, flowing dresses and peasant blouses. The gauzy look will be popular. And comfortable. Especially on a summer day.
  • Waist bags. In more direct words, fanny packs. They are actually making a comeback. Practical, comfortable, and oh, so nerdy, they’re back on the trendsetters’ bodies. At least you’ll be able to carry more stuff on you now. That’s handy.
  • Graphics. Graphic T-shirts are one thing, but art on a skirt or dress is another. Yes, art on clothing is in. You’ll see it splashed across people’s outfits like a walking museum.
  • Flowers! They’ve always been for gardens, but now they’re for your clothes, too. The fashion pendulum has deemed them, once again, in style, so blossom lovers, celebrate. All colors, all types, anything goes. Enjoy!
  • Fringe, baby. And texture. Even if you don’t remember macramé from the 70s, now you can wear something like it. Expect to spot fringe on skirts, shirts, bags, and anywhere else it can go. As texture goes, look for ripples, ruffles, dots, and other

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