Exotic skin shoes display confidence with the image of luxury and classiness. While you can find footwear with imitations of these rare materials, they never look like the real thing. Genuine exotic leathers stand out unlike any other in fashion. When you see it, you know you’re looking at something worth a pretty penny. We’re going to cover the most common exotic skins you can find on shoes right now and why you need them.

Python (Snakeskin)

Snakeskin in fashion has been around for quite some time. One well-known brand has been using it is Louis Vuitton. They have been making exotic leather travel bags since 1892. It was also most noticeably used for cowboy boots and belts during the 1970’s. In modern times, snakeskin is a growing trend for big names like Jimmy Choo.

Snakeskin creates a beautiful and intriguing appearance on shoes. It adds a luxurious texture that makes it pop out of the crowd when you’re wearing it. Any colour suits it well, no matter if it’s a blue like above, green, black, grey, or in-between. This allows you to experiment and have a lot of fun in your footwear. Pair anything snake with some RayBan sunglasses for a classic cool look!


The most common exotic skin on the market is crocodile. Whether it’s bags or shoes, crocodile leather has been used for decades in fashion. It tends to be a bit more subtle than snakeskin but still makes it’s presence well known. Brown and black are the best colours as they show off the curvature and material while keeping the shoe more casual, if you can even call it casual.


An exotic material that you may have no expected to make it big in the fashion scene is ostrich. It looks surprisingly stunning especially in bright and extravagant colours. It’s not as boastful in appearance like the former python and crocodile. Ostrich leather is subtle, sophisticated but will catch any eye that lands on it.


A material very few realize is on the market is stingray. You’re not going to find it for cheap either. It’s one of the, if not the most, rare exotic skin you’ll find for a fashion piece. You may think for the price it better look the part. Stingray leather doesn’t jump out that much but rather is low key, especially in colours like black.

Exotic skin shoes are not for everyone but they are certainly respectable in fashion. Bright colours tend to make them pop and show off their aesthetic. They shouldn’t be worn too often so bring them out for those really special occasions.