Should you choose metal signs or wooden signs?

Signs are possibly the easiest and quickest way to say something to your loved ones. Metal signs are solid and weather-resistant which make them a good option for outdoor purpose. On the other hand, wooden signs are made up wood which is not weather-resistant.

Now the question arises that which one should you choose between the two.

Landmark prefers the metal signs than the wooden ones. One needs to change with the changing trends. Changing in trends does not affect the quality of metal signs. Metal signs without any doubt the best for outdoor purpose as well as indoor.

So what makes metal signs a perfect and timeless investment? Obviously, it’s characteristics. Whether at home your office, they are the attractive reflection of your place.

Metal signs can be designed in a wide variety of ways to fit the variety of needs. Metal signs offer the best quality and durability which wooden signs cannot. You can cut metal signs into any shape and size you want to and print anything we want to carve on it. Also if you want to be your metal sign 15 feet high, yes it can be.

You must be wondering where to use them. Not just at your lobby, but you can also metal signs at the places like safety signs, construction area, parking lots, gardens, street signs, direction signs and probably many more. Metal signs are the most-light-weight, durable and attractive amongst all.

One can increase the effectiveness of the metal sign by designing it on their own or adding striped borders to it. Metal signs are perfect for shops, offices, restaurants and many other such places. The standard of the signs never change and the message on it is also easily replaceable Metal signs display a clear message, unlike wooden signs. Catchy and simple messages seem to attract your friends and family.

Metal signs can be displayed in many ways like framed or glued to the walls or wired to fencing. They can be customized to your favourite inspirational quotes whereas, wooden signs cannot be.

There is a huge difference between metal signs and wooden signs. Metal sign material is very much thin as compared to wooden sign material. Metal signs are sturdy and rigid but also flexible at the same time. Most of you would be thinking that it can rust also and loose its shine. The answer to your question is that steel can rest but aluminium sings won’t. Metals signs are available in a large variety with different colour options as well. One can choose according to their taste and décor. The most frequently asked question when it comes to sign boards is that whether it can be lettered on both sides or not. Metal can be lettered to both sides but some wooden signs cannot.


It’s totally dependent on your taste and choice that which one you want to buy, but Landmark suggests metal signs more durable and fine than wooden signs in terms of quality and many other characteristics.