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Tobacco In Cheap Glass Pipes?

 Smoking tobacco in a cheap glass pipe more commonly used for smoking marijuana could present you with a few. After all, there’s a few pretty good reasons for why people use the pipes they do for puffing away at tobacco. A lot of it is functionality, and a lot of it is just plain old taste and feel.

    The first problem when trying to use tobacco in a cheap glass pipe made for weed is that the technique used to smoke is very different. The use of a carb for smoking weed allows you to blaze a bowl away then inhale its contents. Generally, however, when it comes to tobacco smoking, you want to get a nice slow smolder that will last a while. That’s achieved by packing a very compact bowl and this is not really achievable with the generic shape and size of a weed pipe’s bowl.

    Second of all, you really don’t want to be using the same pipe for both. This will create all kinds of funky tastes, be a nightmare to clean, and present a health concern or two. When pipe smoking tobacco, you usually don’t inhale the smoke because the tobacco used for this is much stronger than that used in cigarettes and could make you seriously nauseous. If you use the same pipe for your pot and tobacco, you’ll end up inhaling tobacco residues along with your bud when you alternate and that just doesn’t sound nice. A possible solution to this is cleaning the pipe each time you switch from one to the other, but that sounds like a lot more of a hassle than just getting an actual dedicated tobacco pipe and using your cheap glass pipe for what is made to be used for.

    It is much simpler to use a tobacco pipe for weed, usually with a slight modified screen in the bowl or something along those lines, than to really enjoy tobacco in a cheap glass pipe made for weed. If you go to a store and see all kinds of pipes for both, don’t be intimidated and just ask the employee for some help.